Greening Urban Areas

Across the Middle East and North Africa, the U.S. Forest Service is engaging with passionate activists and practitioners to help grow green cities through urban agriculture, rooftop gardens, innovative waste management solutions, and community engagement. Green infrastructure investments contribute to human health, economic vitality, and environmental sustainability. 

People live in cities, and we should find a way to make the urban ecosystem more sustainable and in harmony with nature,”

said Julia Hani, project coordinator with the Lebanon Reforestation Initiative. 

Julia was a participant in the USFS International Urban Forestry and Community Engagement Seminar in June 2019. Inspired by the green spaces that community groups and institutions had created through New York City and Chicago, Julia and others from the seminar pushed for a Green Cities Study Tour where participants could learn from each other’s initiatives and create a support network for new initiatives throughout the Middle East and North America. Read about more of those initiatives here.

Julia Hani, far left, and her Green Cities Study Tour collaborators place seedlings on a rooftop garden in Egypt.

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