U.S. Forest Service Introduces Climate Change Software in Madagascar

A U.S. Forest Service team was in Madagascar this week to lead a training on the Agriculture and Land Use Greenhouse Gas Inventory software for the National Office of Climate Change Coordination and REDD + and the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, among other partners. The USAID-supported training provided practical exercises for technicians in charge of gathering and reporting data related to various land uses across the country. 

The software guides users through the process of estimating greenhouse gas emissions and removals related to agriculture and forestry activities. The program is designed to support an evaluation of mitigation potentials using the inventory data as a baseline for projecting emission trends associated with management alternatives.  The software will support the government as part of its official reporting to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change later this year. It is also a useful tool for leveraging carbon financing to support conservation efforts. 


Partners: Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (http://www.medd.gov.mg/), BN-CCCREDD+ (https://bnc-redd.mg/fr/) and USAID Madagascar

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