Want to Restore Rangelands? Teach Communities to Understand and Love the Watersheds They Rely On. Lebanon Reforestation Initiative Leads the Way.

The Lebanon Reforestation Initiative (LRI) has transformed the way native trees are grown and planted in Lebanon. Now the community-based NGO is tackling riparian corridors and rangeland restoration with the help of the U.S. Forest Service.
In August, a U.S. Forest Service experts led rangeland management and monitoring workshops; demonstrated field practices; and helped LRI evaluate potential sites for restoration.

U.S. Forest Service consultant Amina Sena was inspired by the passion and energy of the LRI group and participating community members. Amina believes that it is absolutely vital for communities to better understand the watersheds and rangelands they rely on. “Only then, will these same communities, be able to understand their role in natural resource management and take better ownership of solutions towards restoration, including ongoing reforestation practices,” said Amina.

Because of Amina’s visit, LRI now has simple techniques for engaging its communities in solution-oriented management dialogue, monitoring and action. 

LRI’s next move? Monitor its rangeland restoration pilot areas. If successful, which is expected, it will use the healthy sites to inspire its neighboring livestock producers to change their management approach for improved grazing lands.
Visit the LRI website for more info on its restoration initiatives.

U.S. Forest Service consultant Amina Sena leads Lebanon Reforestation Initiative staff and stakeholders in a rangeland management workshop.

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